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Hawaiian Style Quilt

Detail Hawaiian Style Quilt

Traditional Hawaiian Style Baby Quilt

This was created to celebrate the birth of a child. The traditional Hawaiian style quilt incorporates symbols of her heritage, birth on Valentine’s Day and residence in the Southwest.

Description:  The colors are soft desert colors of rose and sage, brightened by the vivid yellow sun. The hand quilting is traditional echo pattern around each motif. The baby’s full family name is quilted in the border. The backing is bright fun fabrics with dancing frogs, pigs and elephants.

From the Client -- 

"We marveled at your choice of fabric, personal symbols and craftsmanship. A friend of theirs came over.  Without a word, he got it, where it was made to go, what the symbols were about.  It was a wonderful moment -- the kind where the art speaks on its own.  Congratulations and many thanks.  I'm sure I will hear from my nephew and his family.  But the "preview" was awesome. It's only what you deserve.  Needless to say, I love the work" -- Jeffrey Abouaf


Cotton fabrics


Hand appliqué, hand quilted

Size: 41” W x 41” H


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