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Thistle Detail Thistle

Detail Thistle & Recipient


The request was for a special quilt for a man who is proud to be Scottish, loves nature, and is an artist. He has a great respect for tradition.  His lively, contemporary romantic paintings reveal a love of deep rich color. (To see his paintings go to

Description: A purple thistle was a natural choice, especially as it is a favored Scottish flower. Variegated hues of purple form the many layers of the thistle and the background is a lovely grey blue that enhances the hand quilting.  The border picks up color from the thistle and ends with a marbled deep purple hand-dyed fabric. The quilt is hand quilted throughout showcasing the traditional feather pattern.

From the Client -- 

"Carol, not only are the colors you chose to create my quilt exquisite, but the stitching is magnificent.  The variety of stitching causes the quilt to change in various lights.  In the morning when the yellow glow of dawn is adding a golden tinge to the vibrant purples the scalloping and fluting create such waves of light and shadow it looks as if the thistle is blowing in the breeze.  You are a wonderful artist and my quilt is one of my most cherished possessions.  Thank you for creating it for me." -- Dj


Hand dyed cotton, conventional cotton


Machine pieced, hand quilted

Size: 50” W x 50” H

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