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About my quilts

I made my first quilt when I was about ten.  My Grandma Mimi was a tailor and primarily made suits. She gave me her wool fabric samples and I made a doll quilt.  The colors were very somber, but I picked out the brightest colors.  There was one prized red square in the center.

I have made quilts off and on since then. Now, I am very serious about their quality and the materials that I use.  I am gradually shifting over to organic cotton.

These current quilts are all a “labor of love” and many took a great deal of time to complete.

The quilts are made for people to use and to touch.  I often have people or activities in mind when I design a quilt. 

I enjoy the hand quilting portion of designing a quilt and believe that it adds a dimension that can’t be accomplished with machine quilting.  It is only due to the nature of the organic fabrics that there is not more hand work on these quilts.

I am interested in hearing from you. 

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