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Under the Rose

Detail Border Under the Rose

Under the Rose – The rose is an obvious tribute to Georgia O’Keefe
and her beautiful paintings.

It is intriguing is that an object as small as a rose can have even more things happening under it. Fairies cavort, pigs dance, leprechauns jump over the rainbow, and frogs become princes in the morning glory vine border.

The hand quilting on the rose is done in a variety of different patterns to further differentiate each segment.

This was a perfect quilt for a young girl who liked pink and her grandpa gave it to her as a special present.

Sorry this quilt is no longer available.


Hand dyed (by Marjorie Bevis) and conventional cotton fabrics.


       Hand appliquéd, machine pieced, hand quilted.

Original design

Size: 31” W x 71” H

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