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Santa's Cabin
Santa's Cabin

Musical Christmas
Musical Christmas
Star Glow
Star Glow

Christmas Stencil
Christmas Stencils

Christmas Quilts

Here are several examples of Christmas Quilts. For prices and more information about individual quilts please contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Santa’s Cabin --

This is a fun quilt in the traditional log cabin pattern with a Santa coming down each chimney.  The colors are a wide variety of red, green, and white plaids and stripes. The red border has green Christmas trees in the quilting. Add this to your Christmas decorations for a charming country look.

Musical Christmas --

The center fabrics in this quilt are music related and a band marches around the border. The patchwork pattern is a copy of a very old quilt now hanging in the Shelbourne Vermont Museum. The rhythm of the pattern enhances the musical theme. This would be a great gift for the person who loves Christmas carols.

Christmas Stencils --

The patterns for this quilt come from a set of old glass wax stencils used to decorate mirrors and windows for the holidays. The reverse appliquéd images are bright, shiny tie fabric. The extensive hand quilting echoes the images.

Star Glow

Using reverse appliqué the star layers intensify in color as they move inward.  The gold star studded border carries out the sky theme. This small (25” x 25”) quilt could be used any time but is especially suited for Christmas.

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